A word from Bruce – Kernock in 2014

A Word From Bruce…

It’s done it again!

The good old British weather never ceases to surprise us. Record rain in spring/summer 2012, an unseasonably cold spring, followed by a prolonged spell of beautiful weather which has not been seen on our island in at least seven years! The recent good weather has renewed our faith that there is still a good market out there and consumer confidence appears to be rising. So with careful planning, we can all view the coming season with a revitalised positivity.

Bidens ‘Rockstar’

To speculate or not?

Whether producers should speculate on production or only grow to actual contract orders seems to be the talk of the industry at the moment. How committed should retailers be to take reserves? Should growers decide to produce only part of a reserve in a bid to ensure sell through? Whichever stand point you take on this, with good communication right through the supply chain from primary supplier to retailer, agreeing realistic volumes and lead-times, we should be able to produce without fear of mass wastage. At Kernock we anticipate orders based on a forecast relating to previous years. Longer term products are inevitably more speculative as we often have to decide on production schedules a year or more before sale. Of course we constantly re-evaluate production and try to produce accordingly as sales requirements vary. As we move into the main season and produce shorter term products, we will produce more to cover orders and can react quickly to changes from our customers.

So in both respects, early ordering from our customers helps ensure production and avoid disappointment. Additions are welcomed at any stage and we can quickly inform you if they are possible or not. On our website you can place both forward orders, and surplus orders for immediate delivery. You may prefer to order using email, fax, or post back our paper order form.


After the highs of 2012 events and celebrations, 2013 was inevitably going to be a more of a subdued affair as far as InstaPlant carpet bedding was concerned, but in fact it did surprise us with the level of interest and orders received. 2014 marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. We have already had great interest in commemoration InstaPlant beds to mark our respect for an event that has shaped our history. The eagerly anticipated 2014 Commonwealth games will be held in Glasgow and will also see a large number displays to celebrate the event.

Have a good look through the catalogue and make use of summaries and downloads on our website. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our weekly e-shots which include interesting information about our varieties, surplus lists, new varieties and offerings of varieties that are not on our catalogue. If you do not currently receive the e-shots, then please let us know your email address so that we can add you to the list.

Thank you once again for your continued support over the past year. We certainly hope that together we can prosper from a bumper 2014!

What’s new?

I always find it an impossible task to pick out the gems of the new products that have made it to the new catalogue considering that these beauties have already been selected from 100s of fantastic varieties in our trials. We’re introducing 53 exciting new plants to the catalogue.

It’s always an impossible task to pick out the gems of the new products that have made it to the new catalogue considering that these beauties have already been selected from hundreds of fantastic varieties in our trials.

Agastache ‘Blue Boa’

Agastache ‘Blue Boa’ has sparked interest amongst many who have seen it, with lovely large blue flowers. Bidens are going “big” with ‘Rockstar’ the first in the line of larger flowering Bidens – no longer the second fiddle to other more dominant plants in the basket. We add more colours to the range of beautiful Dreamy Dahlia and continue from the success of Digitalis ‘Illumination Pink’ to introduce ‘Raspberry’. Look out for the additions of “spider-type” fine petal flowering Gerbera Garvinea – the series that keeps on expanding. There is a range of wonderful ‘Kennedy’ Irish Primroses with a glorious mixture of foliage and flower interest for the spring garden. ‘Vepita’ is an incredible range of new Verbena with superb habit for both pot and garden. Plus some other singular additions of Iberis, Scabiosa and Potentilla and many more besides….

We’ve also been working on our Proven Winners branding with product launches and consumer research throughout the past year.