Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Dianthus 'Arctic Star' (P)
Our initial response to most things is in part greatly determined by our senses; by what we see, smell and feel. Shapes and colours and scents of flowers are what helps us consider how a plant will fit into the environment that we have in mind for it.

Also going by the name of ‘Pinks’ and closely related to carnations, dianthus are a centuries old garden staple. With such a wide variety there is now a dianthus for almost any planting situation. A quintessential cottage garden flower and a favourite with florists, they are also suited to modern, contemporary settings looking great as a stark contrast against an urban, architectural background. (more…)

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The Secret Life of Figs

 Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'

I’m rather passionate about figs and their history. I cannot just pull a fig part, their opulence seems to demand far more respect and to be sliced in half or quarters with a fruit knife, just like opening a beautifully wrapped gift to reveal the surprise inside. They are also wonderful when delicately baked until they gently ooze a sticky syrup, to be eaten on a cold day as a warm treat with cheese.


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