The saucer-like blooms of Verbascums

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Verbascum 'Cherry Helen' (P)
Verbascum 'Dark Eyes' (P)

Verbascum ‘Dark Eyes’ (P)

Stately, architectural spikes filled with plumes of saucer-like blooms gently sway in the summer breeze.

Verbascums may be a relatively short flowering perennial but this is far outweighed by their beauty. Available in many luscious shades, their height and structure make them perfect candidates for the border or a large statement pot.

Even slugs respect their charm and grandure and resist having a nibble. Sturdy in windy weather they are rather robust.

Verbascums are a traditional cottage garden staple as well as fitting well into a contemporary setting. They are also frequently being seen more and more in show gardens.

Verbascum 'Jester' (VR)

Verbascum ‘Jester’ (VR)

Verbascum 'Primrose Path' (VR)
Verbascum 'Lavender Lass' (VR)
Verbascum phoeniceum 'Flush of White'

‘Primrose Path’ (VR)

‘Lavender Lass’ (VR)

Verbascum phoeniceum
‘Flush of White’

Our ‘Lavender lass’ flowers for a longer period than most between June-October.

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