Garvinea Gerbera – The Power Flowers

The Power Flowers – Garvinea Gerberas.

Have you been introduced to the the Power Flower?

These winter hardy perennial Gerberas have spent almost 15 years in breeding and development. Named Garvinea, at a distance you might be mistaken for thinking they are Gerberas, though they don’t share their genes with regular garden Gerberas.

Gerbera Garvinea Cindy
Gerbera Garvinea ‘Cindy’

They were trialled and tested all over the world in 30 countries for over two years to assess their garden performance before being brought to market. This always gives a proper assessment and allows the breeder to identify the plant’s strengths before we get it into production.

These Gerberas can be planted directly into garden beds or patio pots for flowers from spring, through summer and well into autumn until the first frosts. They have a very long flowering time and are extremely floriferous. One plant can give up to 100 flowers per year, which is a phenomenal amount.

Gerbera Garvinea ‘Amalia’

They have been dubbed ‘Power Flowers’ due to the enormous amounts of flowers they produce in the garden, and because they perform well even under the extremes of heat, cold, or humidity, as well as being resistant to pests and diseases. The Garvinea colour palette is ever extending too, from hot pinks, reds and oranges, to cool whites and yellows.

Garvinea have also scooped many awards, most recently they won the award for best plant at the Sanoma Garden Awards. Audience-favourite Garvinea was praised for “the innovative nature of this robust and hardy garden plant, which makes the beloved Gerbera available to all garden lovers out there”.

The latest additions on our 2014 catalogue to our range of Garvinea include five spider-type varieties. Beautifully fine petals in a set of strong eye catching colours.

Gerbera Garvinea Summer
Gerbera Garvinea Summer


Gerbera Garvinea ‘Summer’ displays creamy golden yellow flowers above glossy green foliage.

It is a really cheery variety that brings a touch of sunshine into the garden.

We would suggest this one for patio pots to brighten up a courtyard or terrace.

Gerbera Garvinea ‘Lisa’

A collection of Gerberas would not be complete without a perfect pink. Gerbera Garvinea ‘Lisa’ fits this bill.

Very bold magenta daisy blooms with yellow centres flower from spring to the first frosts.

If you want to make a really bold statement, plant en-masse for a big pink show stopping border.

The newest additions to the Garvinea range are our very fine, almost spikey petaled, spider flower Gerberas. Their unusual, almost fluffy looking flowers are really different.

They have been bred in a really strong selection of colours too, and look unexpectedly sophisticated in patio pots and garden borders.

Gerbera Garvinea ‘Catherine’
Gerbera Garvinea ‘Anastasia’

Gerbera Garvinea ‘Catherine’ has finely cut, elegant, white petals, the underside of which have a hint of pink. It has medium height flower stems & scalloped green foliage.

Gerbera Garvinea ‘Anastasia’ has creamy yellow fine petals on medium height stems over the same scalloped, lush, green foliage.

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