Night Scented Phlox

Zaluzianskya ovata 'Star Balsam'

Zaluzianskya ovata ‘Star Balsam’, also known as ‘Night Scented Phlox’ is a charming and delicate little plant but because of its unfortunate name, is often overlooked, disappearing at the end of catalogues and garden centre benches, due to it being at the very end of the plant alphabet, yet there is a plant no more deserving of a place in the spotlight. Zaluzianskya is now making a name for itself after appearing on TV coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show.

Deep maroon, matchstick head sized orbs sit atop a compact, dense mound of foliage and slightly open in the early part of the day before closing again with the day’s warmth. Then, in the early evening, the magic happens; the buds open fully in the half-light, with their heart shaped petals and pure white inners revealing wafts of decadent, rich, heady perfume, filling the air long into the night.

Well behaved and long flowering, Zaluzianskya ovata ‘Star Balsam’ is relatively easy to grow with a little deadheading and ensuring that it doesn’t dry out. It needs a good, rich, well-drained yet slightly moist soil. Evergreen and hardy with aromatic foliage, it is smothered with flowers throughout summer and grows no more than 6” wide and a few inches high.

A beautiful little plant that is perfect in a small pot on a balcony or patio giving a heady scent on a warm summer’s evening and looks great when teamed up with succulents.

Why not try planting Zaluzianskya ovata ‘Star Balsam’ with ….

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Aeonium arboreum ‘Schwarzkopff’

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