The Choice Heuchera Selection

Heucheras are great all round plants as they are evergreen, come in an array of unusual leaf patterns and colours, and they look particularly stunning in the spring as the colder weather increases their vivid colours. We pride ourselves in providing a choice selection of Heuchera, and in our search for the best varieties, we have discovered some interesting facts about this versatile plant.


Here are our top 5:

  • The Heuchera was named in honour of the German botanist Johann Heinrich von Heucher.
  • Heucheras are also commonly known as Coral Bells, and less commonly known as Alum Root.
  • Being a native of North America, The Heuchera was often used by inhabitants of the Northwest to make a tonic to help with digestion. The dried leaves were also pounded and used as a poultice to stop minor bleeding, reduce inflammation, and shrink swollen tissue. Gargling a tea made from their roots was also thought to help to cure a sore throat.
  • Heuchera leaves taste sour as the roots of these plants make up around 20% of their weight in tannins. It is suggested it is best to boil or steam the leaves to make them easier to eat.
  • Finally, we don’t recommend actually consuming Heuchera, as they have been known to cause kidney and liver failure. Best to stick to ornamental use then…


Kernock’s selection of Heuchera is one of the finest around; we select only the best varieties to go into our catalogue. They can all be viewed online by clicking here.