The InstaPlant Event Planner

Let’s Make Places Look Blooming Great

Being responsible for making places look blooming great is not easy. It takes forward thinking and preparation as well as planning to make sure everything is ready and in place ahead of time. Not to mention, 2014 is going to be a big year for landscaping displays of celebration.That’s why we have put together this event planner, so you can make sure you are ready to make an impact in your local community this year.


InstaPlant 3D Discus

World War One – 100 year commemoration

This year marks a whole a century since the start of World War One, an event that changed our history and the world we live in today forever.

Communities will be commemorating the War all over the country this year. Local authorities and landscapers will be putting together displays of carpet bedding and other plantings to show signs of respect and remembrance for their local communities.


RHS Britain in Bloom celebrates 50 years

This year celebrates 50 years of blooming Britain. Britain in Bloom plays a big part in the transformation of communities across Britain, we are sure you will have seen these effects first hand in your own community as we have in ours. Don’t forget to pull out all the stops for this big event in the calendar.


Dog created for Britain in Bloom in Upton

Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games

In 2014 one of the biggest global sporting events is coming to Glasgow, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit Scotland and the North of England.

Celebrate with InstaPlant!

Don’t forget, with InstaPlant, if we can design it, we can plant it. We do all the hard work for you. Our designs are made to measure. All you have to do is put
it in the right spot. We can produce a range of carpet bedding designs for each occasion, please contact us for more information about InstaPlant