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Working Patterns

We are looking at possible options to vary our standard working hours as part of our commitment to continue to improve the working patterns at KPP.

We would like to give all staff the opportunity to have their say in this process and would welcome your views.

We are currently considering a change for all staff (who start work before 0900) to the following:

    • Monday – Thursday: 0900-1645
    • Friday: 0900-1600

The above will continue to include a 30 minute unpaid lunch but there would be no morning break.  A standard FT shift would therefore be 35.5 paid hours / week.

Note: this will only affect the hours you work, not the days you work i.e. if you only work part time, this will not change.  We are also under no illusion that we continue to be a seasonal business so there will be times during the year where overtime will still be needed (depending on work loads and staff numbers etc),  although our long term aim is to reduce this as far as feasibly possible.


Please take the time to complete the form below to give your views.  All feedback will remain confidential.

Would the above shift be a positive change for your work/life balance?

We would welcome some additional information on why the proposed shift pattern would not suit you:

If there was the option to do so, would you be open to/interested in working a mixture of weekdays and weekends?

Are there any days you would NOT want to work?

Would you be open to a variable shift pattern (where working days could differ from one week to the next)?