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Amazing Alpines

Amazing Alpines

Consumer Information

Narrative Description:

This charming group of alpines are essentially hardy perennials that are used to tough love, living naturally in harsh, often dry, cold conditions, but absolutely flourish in our spring and summer with delightful foliage and often bright flowers. Alpines are usually evergreen, but some, such as Sedum will die back over winter, reserving their energy to revitalise the following spring. They are cold hardy when grown on and 'mature' and generally like free draining situations such as rockeries, stone walls, beds, borders and containers.

Ideal Conditions:

Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil

Possible Situation:

A wonderful addition to any rockery, paving or gravel bed or at the front of a border.





Height x Spread / Trail:

20 x 20 cm


Typical Season:



Flower Colour:

Foliage Colour:

Flowering Time:

April - August

Planting Recommendations:


Raised Bed



Full Sun

Part Sun

Temperature Tolerance:

A hardy plant which should survive normal winter conditions outside, especially if protected from the hardest frosts.

Plant Care:

The plants are well rooted and maintained whilst on our nursery. You should simply give them a little water on arrival. Allow them to settle for a day or more, especially if they have been roughly treated on their journey to you!

Cultural Information




Amazing Alpines



Recommended Pot Sizes:

Pot Spacing:

It is advisable to follow the guidelines regarding the suggested volume that each size plant prefers to be potted into. Typically, these pots would be grown on before planting into containers or the ground, as you would a fully grown plant from the garden centre. Alternatively, you can transplant your plants together with several other pots or plugs into the final container or basket. You will just have to be a little more careful with the watering to ensure they are not over, or underwatered, especially if each plant has far more, or less volume of compost than recommended to grow into.

Typical time required from pot to sale:

0 weeks over Winter

0 weeks in Spring / Summer

Based on producing a finished pot size of 1L for plug products and 2L for liner products. (*)

Growing Media / Irrigation / Water Capacity:

The compost (rooting medium) we use in our plugs and pots is "peat reduced" and more commonly in the past season "peat free" medium, which is predominantly composed of coir fibres. We created the peat free media to try and replicate the qualities of traditional substrate, so it is very difficult to tell the different media apart by eye. All of our plants have a little slow release fertiliser in the plug already, to provide an initial boost for you when planting on, but they will love to be potted into a medium which has fertiliser incorporated, or added to it. The compost/media root ball itself for our plug plants is usually wrapped in biodegradable paper. The paper allows increased rooting at our stage of production and easier transplant of the plugs into your pots. You do not need to remove the paper from the plug. Our plug paper is fully biodegradable and will degrade over the course of the season once planted. The speed of the paper biodegrading depends on moisture and soil temperatures.

Feeding / Fertilser
(during crop time):

NPK balanced feeding

Feeding Frequency:

Requires infrequent feeding (Low EC)

Recommended pH:

Standard 5.0 to 5.5

Growth Regulation PGR:

Due to the current approval situation, please contact your PGR provider

Temperature During Production:

Medium crop 8 - 15C

Temperature During Transport:



Available for Delivery:


Recommended Sales Window:


Forecast Availability:


Please note: this forecasted availability is a guide only. Quantities can be increased or produced earlier on request.

P&D Susceptibility

Common Pests:

Common Diseases:

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Additional Notes (*):

All information provided is based on producing a default finished pot size of 1L for our plug products, and 2L for 7cm and 9cm liner products. For alternative pot sizes please adjust cultural notes accordingly.

Finishing times - Based on average estimated climatic and environmental conditions, and are for guidance purposes only.

Temperature These conditions assume a protected ornamental growing environment. Recommended growing is generally above 5C.

Feeding Does not specify controlled release or liquid fertiliser application. This choice will depend on your conditions, requirements and preferences please contact your fertiliser consultant for suitable products to meet your requirements.

Growing media and pH Is shown for guidance purposes only - please contact your growing media consultant for suitable growing media to meet your requirements.


This information is for guidance purposes only and is based upon our own growing environment and experience during trials. It is wise to use your own knowledge about your growing conditions and local environment in order to make informed cultural decisions.