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Thank You for Your Feedback

Sending plants by box and courier enables us to fulfil deliveries of a smaller quantity than many wholesale nurseries without excessive delivery costs for our customers. Whilst our sturdy packaging is designed to house the plants as securely as possible and our plants packed carefully to help ensure they arrive as fresh and beautiful as when they left us, on a small number of occasions (and for reasons beyond our control) they may get upturned or damaged in transit. Should this occur to a level that you deem unacceptable, please contact us.

Below is our general advice on how to deal with any plants disturbed in transit along with our general procedure on any query you may have regards plant quality:

If your order has been disturbed in transit, we would advise straightening the plants into the trays, water as appropriate and give a couple of days to recover where we can then see the extent of the actual damage.

From our experience, although on arrival it can be a shock to see and the plants can appear unsalvageable, a couple of days of care and the majority, if not all will often bounce back.

If you could drop us an email containing a few photos if the damage is believed to be significant, we will then follow up in a few days when the scale of the issue will be clearer. We recognise that when a delivery is upturned, it can be both disappointing, frustrating and time consuming for you to deal with, but your patience and understanding in these issues is much appreciated.

If there are any concerns regards the quality of your order, we would be grateulf if you could email photos as these are very much appreciated either to fully understand the issue or to send feedback back through to the Kernock team.

Our dedicated customer service team will investigate and address your complaints in the most efficient and effective manner, do their utmost to resolve with a prompt response and resolution and avoid issues as far as possible in the future.