Discounts and Labels

Discounts and Labels

We offer a range of discounts to reward customers for purchasing quantity and ordering nice and early. Over 99% of our plants can also be accompanied by matching labels (labels for protected varieties are mandatory unless otherwise stated).

Quantity Discount

The discount matrix below shows the discount % increase compared to the number of trays ordered at one time. The % discount given depends on the Product Discount Band shown in the new catalogue and orderform. All trays purchased contribute to the quantity discount qualification.

Number of trays
ordered at one time
Product Discount Band
10 - 500%0%0%0%0%
51 - 1004%3%2%1%12%
101 - 2006%4%3%1%17%
201 - 3009%7%6%2%19%
301 - 50013%11%9%3%20%
501 - 1000+17%15%12%4%21%
PLUS: Early Order Discount if order submitted 16 weeks prior to delivery week(s) required
(min 51 trays)

Early Order Discount

This is calculated after the quantity discount is applied on orders submitted at least 16 weeks prior to the delivery week(s). Only applicable to orders over 50 trays at one time.

Collection Discount

Orders collected from Kernock Park Plants - 4% discount (this excludes where quoted/confirmed an ex-nursery / non delivered price).

Label Prices

Any labels ordered against plants will be delivered together with your plant delivery UNLESS we receive a specific label order.

Our standard label prices are as follows:

Label Type / SizeMidi (M)
Extra Large (XL)
Royalty Labels (obligatory)4p6.9p
Non-Royalty Labels (optional)5.8p10p

Increase your sales potential with a 6" stick

Increase your sales potential with a 6
We offer a cost effective colour leaf label with all of our plug plants for a broad range of uses. We do realise however that many of you wish to sell our plants in larger pots - 2, 3 litre and larger in some cases. The midi label can therefore be a little small in these cases.

We are therefore offering the option for all label orders placed by December 31st, (for delivery during the season) to upgrade to receive a 6" label stick and hole pre-drilled in your labels for attaching to the stick.

Cost - ONLY 2.5p per label addition to the current label price.

* This offer will only be available for complete orders and no additional sticks can be added to the order after the end of December.

Qty Discounts Available

  • for orders over 50 trays + additional discounts when placed 16 weeks in advance

Min Order 10 Trays