Royalty Information (P/VR)

Royalty Information (P/VR)

Royalties can be distinguished by (P) or (VR) and automatically come with labels.

Key to Royalties shown on our website

(P): The plant is protected by Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and the propagation for commercial sale is illegal without a license from the Breeder.

(VR): A Voluntary Royalty is collected on behalf of the breeder or raiser in order to fund further breeding work.

A royalty is a fee charged at sale for each licensed plant sold. Usually, it is a few pence per plant, this money goes to the plant breeder, as well as funding marketing efforts that help sell more of your plant by providing advertising of the plant and ideas on how to use the plant to its best advantage (the marketing fee goes to marketing, the royalty ALL goes to the breeder).

The more plants sold the higher the annual royalty payment to the breeder will be, so it is important to have not only the best genetics, but also a strong marketing and promotional program to insure the success of a plant's introduction.

As an example; if 50,000 plants are sold and there is a 2 pence royalty on each plant, the total royalty earned is £1,000. Royalties are negotiable, but a lot depends on the plant and the size market it may have upon introduction.

For instance, with over 700 cultivars of geraniums on the market, a new geranium will be competing for sales more than a unique plant with little competition. On the flip side, well known garden plants like geraniums tend to sell more units because consumers are familiar with them where a new crop may sell less initially until people become familiar with the plant.

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