Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions.

What is the minimum order for free delivery?

Ten trays of plants for free delivery. Orders of lower amounts would have a delivery charge applied (orders outside England and Wales may also incur additional delivery charges).

If I want plants immediately where can I find a list of available plants?

Our Surplus List contains all the plants that are available for immediate despatch. If you would like to order plants that are not on this list, you can make a forward order so that we can produce them for you.

Can I place an order for a specific delivery week?

Yes. When you place a forward order, you can specify the week you would like to receive the plants. If there are any availability issues we would contact you to discuss the best way to meet your needs.

Can I collect plants from you?

Yes, we offer a collection service. You need to let us know the day you would like to collect in advance so that we can make sure your order is ready to be picked up. We also offer a collection discount.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Kernock Park Plants Ltd is a wholesale young plug plant provider to wholesale growers and individuals.

To place an order online, you can just start adding to the basket and follow the checkout procedure where all relevant invoice and delivery information will be taken. There is no need to sign in to an account. (You will be able to activate it to view your recent orders and invoices after the first order has been placed).

If you want to book plants in advance, go to Pre-order for Future Delivery. Here you can enter your preferred delivery week(s) and select your plants. Once we have checked the request with Production we will return an order confirmation.

If you require plants urgently, orders can also be placed for immediate delivery. View our Surplus List.

What if I want to order below the minimum quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 10+ confirmed trays per week. We can send below this but apply a surcharge, for orders of 6-9 trays, this is £17.25. Orders below this do become less viable and the order surcharge does increase considerably. Orders below 10 trays must be placed online and will not be taken over the phone.

On deliveries below the 10 units we must highlight that our packaging is not designed for sending these smaller number of trays and there are fewer packing options for the despatch team to secure varieties. In our experience this can result in damage in transit. If plants bounce out of their trays during transit, we would advise straightening the plants immediately and giving a couple of days to recover.

Why did I not receive all the plants I ordered?

When placing an online order with Kernock Park Plants Ltd you will be sent an automated email that your order has been received and is in process. Within 24/48hrs you should receive an order confirmation confirming the plants that are available and highlighting any amendments or shortages to the original request. If you have placed a forward order, plants that are not available for any reason at point of despatch will go in to a back order and follow as soon as available. If you have placed a surplus order any items that are not deemed of sufficient quality at point of despatch will be removed from your order and will not follow on.

Can I set up a customer credit account?

If you would like to apply for a customer credit account, please email requesting an application form?

Can I make additions to my order?

Yes, it is always advisable to request increases as soon as you know that you will require them, there could of course be the possibility of additions right up to the week or two before the delivery week.

How do I know when the plants are available?

Our surplus list shows plants available for immediate despatch . The forward orders does not show live availability . Once we receive your order, with your preferred delivery week/s we will send you an order confirmation grouping the plants in to viable deliveries as close to your requested delivery week as possible. We will inform you of any plants not available, let you know when they will next be available and suggest potential alternatives.

I have received a despatch acknowledgement but no delivery?

Once you receive our despatch acknowledgement your delivery should be with you within the next 5 working days. If your delivery is due by trolley or pallet delivery you will receive an Estimated Time of Arrival email from our sales team . If the delivery is under 20 units it is likely to be sent by box courier and should be with you on a 24/48 delivery service . If you do not receive your plants as expected please contact our sales team to track the delivery.

Alternatively you can track a boxed courier delivery by logging in to your account online .

What services do you use to deliver my order?

This is dependent on many factors, the area in which the delivery address is, quantity of trays ordered, when the orders is placed etc.

We currently have the below methods of transport:

  • Box Courier - We package the plants in sturdy cardboard boxes with dividers . Majority of deliveries are on a next day delivery service. This method of delivery is generally for orders of approx. 10-20 units

  • Box on Pallet - We package the plants in sturdy cardboard boxes with dividers, load on to pallet and deliver through the pallet network . This method of delivery is generally for orders of approx. 20+ units

  • CC trolley - We will send the order on a CC Tag 5 trolley . These trolleys must be unloaded at point of delivery to return the trolley with the driver or trolleys must be swapped at point of delivery. When sending trolleys with TAG5 we will only accept trolleys with TAG5 in return.This method of delivery is generally for orders of approx. 30 + units

What quantities do I need to order to get a discount?

Please click here for details of our discount structures.

What size are the plug plants?

Please click here for details of our plug sizes.

Why is there a surcharge below 10 units?

As a wholesale business all our prices are based on orders of 10 or more trays. Below minimum orders inevitably take proportionally more administration per unit to confirm, process, prepare, despatch, invoice and generally service.

If my order is under 10 units can I collect and avoid surcharges?

If you would like to collect your order this can be arranged, there would be a reduced surcharge applied for orders below the 10 unit minimum.

Do you sell part or mixed trays?

Unfortunately we are unable to send mixed or part trays at this time.

I only want a couple of plants, do I have to purchase a full tray?

If you feel a few plugs may be all you need, please visit

This list is updated weekly and depends on the stock available on the floor. Please note, these will not be wholesale prices.

Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We have a minimum order of 30+ trays for international orders. These would normally be despatched through the pallet network and delivery charges are priced at cost. Once we know the varieties and quantities required this will be quoted for at the time. We will also assess if the order is able to be in transit for 5-6 days without detriment to the plants, this again is very dependent on the varieties selected.

Why can I not remove the Royalty Variety labels?

You will receive Royalty Variety labels where applicable.

We are under obligations to our network of plant breeders to represent our plant varieties correctly when marketed and sold. We therefore have responsibilities to send royalty labels with nearly all royalty plants sold. However, we are not advocates for wasting plastic, so if you have a bespoke label which you are intending to use for these varieties, we would just need to verify a proof of those varieties to ensure correct information is used.

When publicising or producing labels of any royalty products, you are required to ensure correct representation in terms of naming, UPOV/ PBR naming (even if in small font type at least on the reverse of the label). For varieties denoted with a (P) suffix - you must have text which states something to the effect that unauthorised propagation is illegal. The following statement on the bottom of the label reverse is suitable:

"This variety is protected, or under application stage to be protected under UK or European Law. Unauthorised propagation is illegal. Royalties from the sale of this plant go back to its breeder to fund production of more new varieties."

Proven Winner® Varieties must be denoted by using the official PW logo where relevant.

Alternatively, if all plants are being planted out and you do not deem that a label would be necessary, then we may be able to come to some arrangement about reducing or even removing the royalty labels from your order. If this is the case, please reply in writing with the varieties in question confirming that they are to be used in landscape situation and NOT for retail.

Why have royalties and protected plants?

Breeders, finders or agents of certain new varieties will often agree a "royalty rate" with producers such as ourselves before we sell the plant. We in turn collect royalties on the sales of these plants, declare the sales and pass back royalties to these plant breeders, finders or agents that have invested and facilitated bringing new plants to the market.

The majority of plant varieties that have a royalty charge attached have been awarded a form of patent, or recognition of intellectual property, known as Plant Variety Rights (PVR). These varieties are denoted in our listings with a (P). Other royalty varieties in our listings are denoted with a (VR). These are not necessarily afforded plant protection in our specific geographical region, but might have a form of protection or patent in other parts of the world, might have names series or variety names patented (registered), or simply agreed that we pay a royalty as an incentive and reward for the breeder or finder bringing the variety to our attention.

I am having an issue logging in to my account online?

When logging on, please enter the email address and password linked to your INVOICE account (please note, these are case sensitive).

If you do not have a password, please click on the "Activate Account" button and this should take you through the setup procedure.

Please note from activation it can take up to 24 hours for your account to be accessible.

The online account is for tracking current orders, looking at order history and invoices.

Unfortunately, because of the various plant checks that need to be made, it is not possible to add to an order online. However, we can add to an existing order for you if you would like to email or telephone us in the Sales Office. Alternatively, you can place an additional order online; just start adding to the basket and follow the checkout procedure. There is no need to sign in to an account. We will make sure that the orders are delivered together and in total fulfil the minimum order requirement.

Why is my Shopping Cart empty?

When ordering from our surplus or forward orders if you go off the list, perhaps to look at plant info, and then click the checkout you will see an empty basket. However, if you click back to the ordering page you were on and then click checkout you should see your selections.

Do we sell houseplants?

Though some of our plants could be used as houseplants, our range comprises bedding and patio plants, alpines, hardy and herbaceous perennials, herbs, grasses, shrubs and succulents.

Qty Discounts Available

  • for orders over 50 trays + additional discounts when placed 16 weeks in advance

Min Order 10 Trays