Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions.

What is your minimum Order?

Our minimum order is 10 units per delivery week. This can be spread over multiple varieties, so long as the total is at least 10 trays of plants.

What is a unit?

One tray of plants (ie 100 cell, 50 cell or liner tray)

Do you sell mixed trays (units)?

Not as standard - However we do sell our Pot Luck trays which contain a variety of lovely plants in one tray.

Why can I not remove Royalty labels?

You will receive Royalty Variety labels where applicable.

Breeders, finders or agents of certain new varieties will often agree a “royalty rate” with producers such as ourselves before we sell the plant. We in turn collect royalties on the sales of these plants, declare the sales and pass back royalties to these plant breeders, finders or agents that have invested and facilitated bringing new plants to the market.

The majority of plant varieties that have a royalty charge attached have been awarded a form of patent, or recognition of intellectual property, known as Plant Variety Rights (PVR). These varieties are denoted in our listings with a (P). Other royalty varieties in our listings are denoted with a (VR). These are not necessarily afforded plant protection in our specific geographical region but might have a form of protection or patent in other parts of the world, might have names series or variety names patented (registered), or simply agreed that we pay a royalty as an incentive and reward for the breeder or finder bringing the variety to our attention.

Do i need an account to place an order?

Kernock Park Plants Ltd is a wholesale young plug plant provider to wholesale growers and individuals.

To place an order online, you can just start adding to the basket and follow the checkout procedure where all relevant invoice and delivery information will be taken. There is no need to sign in to an account. (You will be able to activate it to view your recent orders and invoices after the first order has been placed).

If you want to book plants in advance, go to Pre-order for Future Delivery. Here you can enter your preferred delivery week(s) and select your plants. Once we have checked the request with Production we will return an order confirmation.

If you require plants urgently, orders can also be placed for immediate delivery. View our Surplus List.

Can I remove labels?

Yes, if not Royalty varieties.

What week is it?

To find details of how our week numbers correspond to the calender dates please click Here

How do I open an account?

If you are interested in opening a credit account, please click Here

Can I confirm under the minimum and pay a surcharge?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer this service.

How do I know when the plants are available?

Please ask us to send you our latest availability list or make your order through our Immediate Surplus list.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

we work to a 2 week lead time, however in our busiest season this can vary and some delivery weeks may be closed. When you receive your order confirmation you will be advised on the delivery week.

Whats the difference between surplus and forward orders?

Immediate Surplus:

All the plants on the Surplus list are available to book immediately for despatch 2 weeks after the order date. We work to a 2 week lead time, however this will change during our peak season.

Once the order is placed from the Surplus List you should be aware that sometimes, although we endeavour to maintain our surplus list as accurately as possible we are not always able to ensure that every tray is available to send, or up to specification. Any shortages on orders placed and confirmed from our surplus list will be removed at point of despatch. Unfortunately we are not able to contact customers at the point of despatch to notify of varieties we are unable to send. These will be removed from the system and will not be held on back order.

Future Delivery:

Orders submitted at least a minimum of 10 weeks prior to requiring your order are known as Future Deliveries. Orders can be placed online up to 1 year in advance.

How early should I order?

We recommend that you order as soon as possible for varieties that you specifically require to give us the best chance of producing your required numbers and varieties. Orders can be placed online up to 1 year in advance.

Why is my delivery missing varieties?

Due to the fact that our Surplus/Availability is allocated on a first come, first served basis (particularly at certain times of year), please bear in mind that the varieties that you require may not be available once your order is collated, quality and specification checked. If there are any shortages on orders that have been placed and confirmed from our surplus list for immediate (or soonest possible) despatch, we will send what is possible and remove the remainder at point of despatch. If however you have a future order, then any missing items may have been delayed and put on a back order for despatch on a later date.

What method of transport do you use?

Box Courier - We package the plants in sturdy cardboard boxes with dividers. Majority of deliveries are on a next day delivery service. This method of delivery is generally for orders of approx. 10-20 units.

Box on Pallet - We package the plants in sturdy cardboard boxes with dividers, load on to pallet and deliver through the pallet network. This method of delivery is generally for orders of approx. 20+ units.

CC trolley - We will send the order on a CC Tag 5 trolley. These trolleys must be unloaded at point of delivery to return the trolley with the driver or trolleys must be swapped at point of delivery. When sending trolleys with TAG5 we will only accept trolleys with TAG5 in return. This method of delivery is generally for orders of approx. 30 + units

The plants were confirmed but were cancelled at point of confirmation , why is this?

Although we try our best to keep our Surplus list up to date sometimes it is not always possible to maintain figures as accurately as we would like. Plants are added to orders on a first come, first serve basis and unfortunately this means that by the time the order is processed the plants may no longer be available.

Can I add to my order?

You can add to your order up until the Thursday, two weeks prior to despatch.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer a Quantity Discount which can be found on our website if you follow the link. There is also an Early Order Discount, which is calculated after the quantity discount is applied on orders submitted at least 16 weeks prior to the delivery week.  (only applicable to orders over 50 trays at one time).

What payment methods do you take?

We take payment by Card, Cheque, BACs or payment into our Bank Account.

Where is my delivery?

When your order is despatched you will receive an email with tracking informatinon. This will enable you to visit an online webpage which will give delivery details.

I haven't received my order confirmation?

If all the plants are available to send, you will receive order confirmation as soon as the order is processed, this may take a couple of days. Sometimes an order may need to be sent through to Production so that they can check on a few lines to see if they are available when required. We advise that if you have not received your order confirmation within approx. 4/5 days after ordering, please contact us.

What size are the plug plants?

Please follow this Link for further details. For a 100 unit plug - approx 3.2cm diameter, for a 50 unit plug - approx 4.8cm diameter.

Can the product be planted directly in to the ground?

All plugs plants are grown in a glass house within specific temperatures and therefore if purchasing plug plants, we adivse that they are grown on into more mature plants to give them the best chance.

Can I collect plants?

The minimum order requirement of 10 trays still applies, however you can collect your plants. You will receive a 4% discount.

I cannot find the plant in the retail centres can I buy a few plugs from you?

Our prices are based on the fact that we are a wholesale plant plug supplier, we therefore have a minimum order of 10 trays. Unfortunately we are unable to supply a smaller number of plants.

Do you supply peat free plugs?

Yes, we have an extensive range of Peat Free varieties which is expanding all the time. Please ask us for further details.

What is a Plant passport?

This is an official document required to move plants within Great Britain, Isle of Man or Channel Islands. The passport ensures that plants are raced througout the supply chain and declare compliance with plant health requirements such as freedom from pests.

Can I see forward availability of plants?

Please contact us for our future availability list, this is also available to download from our Website

Can I request a surplus list?

Please contact us for our current surplus list, this is also available to download from our Website

Whats in the pick'n'mix offering?

The trays will comprise of a mixed selection of plugs from our most popular assortments. The selections within the tray cannot be pre specified but  will be allocated at the time of Despatch based on popularity and availability at the time.

When will I get information on when to expect my delivery?

You will receive an email on the Friday before your delivery week to advise method of transport. If sending by CC Trolley you will receive ETA email on Friday. If sending by pallet you will receive an ETA email once the plants have been despatched. When sending by box courier, you will recieve a despatch notification containing tracking information.

How do I change delivery address on the order?

Please call or email the Sales office to change your delivery address. Note if the order has been despatched we are not able to change your delivery address.

I have problems logging in to my online account.

Please call the Sales office, who will send you a link to reset your password.

How do I log in to my account?

Please follow this Link to our log in page. If you do not have a password, please click on the Activate Account button and this should take you through the setup procedure.

Can I cancel my order?

Please follow this Link to our cancellation policy.

Do you sell outside the UK?

We currently send plants to the EU.

Do you sell compost?

We do not sell bags of compost. We sell compost filled trays which are produced specifically for cutting production in large numbers.

How long will the plug take from potting to retail?

Please see under 'Cultural Info' for specific plants - On average the plants will take 8 - 12 weeks to establish, however there are exceptions and environmental factors to consider.

What size should I pot in to?

For plugs from 100 unit we recommend they are planted in a 1 ltr pot, or for plugs from a 50 unit - we recommed planting in a 2/3 litre pot. For more specific information please see individual varieties under 'Cultural Info'.

Qty Discounts Available

  • for orders over 50 trays + additional discounts when placed 16 weeks in advance

Min Order 10 Trays