Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

Kernock Park Plants is fully committed to best environmental practise and sustainability. We use 100% recycled material in our packaging and we recycle all of our used packaging to ensure that landfill is minimised and the recycling loop is maintained.

Corrugated packaging - a fully recyclable resource

Corrugated packaging is made from wood fibre - a natural and renewable raw material; it is 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable.

Approximately 80% of the corrugated packaging used in the UK is recycled. The recycling loop is very efficient. The fibres used in corrugated packaging can be collected, recycled, re-used and be back on the shelf in store within 14 days of disposal.

The re-use of the fibres in corrugated packaging through the process of recycling minimises waste disposal to landfill and reduces the need for virgin wood pulp.
Corrugated Process

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