Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Kernock Park Plants produce young plants in various sizes. Our standard tray units hold 100 (3.2cm) and 50 (4.8cm) plug cells and our minimum order quantity is just 10 trays.

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Our Product

We produce young plants in various sizes. Our standard tray units hold 100 (3.2cm) and 50 (4.8cm) plug cells and 18 (9cm) liners and our minimum order quantity is just 10 trays.

Where necessary, we pinch most of our varieties during the weaning phase in order to promote uniformity and encourage growth from the base of the plant canopy. This will lead to higher quality finished plants without our customers having to pinch during the early stages of production.

Online ordering and account management

We’re pleased to offer you a great range of online services. Our entire catalogue is available online where you can place forward and surplus orders, as well as manage your account, your orders and invoices through our secure online account service.

NEW Cultural notes

We have been working hard this year to put together cultural notes for all of our varieties. They are now available via our website. These guides are intended to make your growing experiences with our products easier and help you with some extra information for any new varieties.
Weekly Email Updates and Social Media

Weekly Email Updates and Social Media

Stay up to date with the latest product information and trends with our weekly email updates and surplus list. You can also follow us on Twitter (@kernock) and like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/kernockparkplants) to get updates, information and advice about our latest products, services, and industry news too.

The Surplus List

The Surplus List
Our surplus list is available online and updated constantly, so you can see exactly what we have available for immediate delivery. We can also email and/or fax you the surplus list weekly. Please let us know if you would like to register for our mailing list.

Delivery Services

We deliver our products all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as into mainland Europe. Delivery of our trays is often by Danish (CC) trolleys on freight lorries or by pallet. We can also deliver using our unique box method, using environmentally friendly recycled cardboard. In this case, we use a business courier service.


Labels are available for all catalogue varieties and are produced in midi and extra large sizes. The order form states M or XL to show the size available for each variety. Labels are delivered with your plant delivery unless a specific label order is received.


We source many of our initial plants from virus indexed, clean material. This helps to ensure that propagation and subsequent production is as trouble free as possible. We produce motherstock which provides our cuttings for insertion into our cellular plug trays. We also produce some varieties from seed.

Production Facilities

Our production facilities and methods are continually improving and techniques used are socially and environmentally responsible. We strive to produce the best quality plug plants in a timely fashion without pest or disease. Accreditation to the British Ornamental Plant Producers (BOPP) scheme ensures that we continue to surpass industry standards.

Qty Discounts Available

  • for orders over 50 trays + additional discounts when placed 16 weeks in advance

Min Order 10 Trays