Product Specifications

Product Specifications

The following is a guide to our basic specification for finished products (unless specific specifications have been requested). All staff in production areas are trained to aim for these minimum standards.


Roots must extend at least to the perimeter of the plant plug or container in order to enable safe removal by appropriate transplanting means. Plants roots must not be over-developed to the extent that they will inhibit subsequent plant and root growth.

Canopy Growth

Variety dependent (see separate specifications where applicable) typically at least 2 pairs of opposing leaves, stopped and breaks emerging from the nodes.


All plants within a tray and within a batch will be as uniform as possible and discussed with the customer where there is variation within batches or trays for any reason.


All trays will be graded and 100% complete unless agreed otherwise with the customer and charged accordingly.

Weeds, Pests & Disease

All plants will be free from weeds, pest and disease and show no signs of nutritional disorders.


All trays will be labelled according to the true varietal name which will match despatch documents

All tray labels will include a batch number for traceability purposes.

All tray labels will include plant passport, QPD index ZP codes and other relevant safety warning where applicable.

Qty Discounts Available

  • for orders over 50 trays + additional discounts when placed 16 weeks in advance

Min Order 10 Trays